“The land of sensitivity – drawing” as part of the event: 3. KRAKOW ART MEETINGS – TERRITORIES

Link to the event (in Polish): http://palac-sztuki.krakow.pl/3-krakowskie-spotkania-artystyczneterytoria/

Presented works: CUMULUS I, ink, fineliner, mixed techn. 95×75 cm 2014; INGROWTH, cardboard, drawing, mixed technique 70x90cm 2022; PRESENCE, drawing, paper, mixed techn. 120x100cm 2022. Drawing exhibition as part of the 3rd Krakow Artistic Meetings TERRITORIES. Exhibition curator: Joanna Warchoł. The exhibition was organized in one of the most prestigious Polish galleries – the Palace of Fine Arts in Krakow. Catalog published in print: ISBN: 978-83-66078-59-8.


Works:            CUMULUS I                                                                  INGROWTH                                                                 PRESENCE

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